Environmental Efficiency

Environmental Efficiency

Cable & Alloys - Be green.

Meeting clients needs.

Setting the standard for business results by demanding excellence in everything that we do. We have always been solution focused and we are well known as experts in the recycling industry. We guarantee results because each and everyone of our team fully understands their responsibilities. 


Our vision.

Built upon integrity and with the commitment to succeed we have concrete foundations that will sustain our planned growth. Forging new partnerships whilst building mutual respect with individuals that warrant the great opportunities which we will continue to create. Innovation will continue to remain our key focus and our reinvestment programs will continue as planned.


What we do.

Cable & Alloys (Willenhall) Ltd & Triple R Solutions Ltd provide the complete solution when it comes to Recycling. With a wealth of experience coupled with special purpose machinery and highly skilled, trained and qualified engineers. Our promise is to out perform traditional recycling facilities on work output whilst maintaining the highest safety standards and environmental efficiencies. 


Cable & Alloys

Be green.

99.99% Environmental Efficiency

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